Antal Kiss (on the left) with Inspiralia managing director Alfredo Sánchez | source:

Hungarian-Spanish development agreement

January 27, 2017

The Hungarian Development Center (MFK) has signed a representative partnership agreement with the Spanish project development company Inspiralia in the Spanish capital, Madrid in order to cooperate in European Union tenders.

A statement by Ispiralia says the visit by Ministerial Commissioner and MFK Managing Director Antal Kiss (and and the signing of the agrement) was the official starting point of an initiative that aims to encourage innovate business ideas and partnerships in the central and south-eastern parts of the European union.
The Spanish side says that Although, the agreement was signed between the Hungarian Development Centre and Inspiralia, not only Hungarian companies will be able to benefit from it. One of the best parts is that it also includes bringing the same services to neighbour countries Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia and Romania.


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