The President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Hungary holds 'national innovation day'

February 23, 2011

Hungary should adopt a unified bidding system for R & D if financing is to be tapped effectively, József Pálinkás, Chairman of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, told a innovation conference in Budapest's ELTE University on Wednesday.

József Pálinkás said he was lobbying decision makers to create a balanced research and innovation system in the country.

Zoltán Cséfalvay, state secretary for innovation at the economy ministry, told the event that there had always been a gap between European R+D ambitions and outcomes, and he welcomed the decision to ditch the requirement that EU member states should devote 3 percent of gross domestic product to R+D.

He said that Hungary has undertaken to channel 1.8 percent of GDP to R+D each year.

The state secretary said the National Innovation Office genuinely functioned as an agency but the establishment of a financial system still lagged behind.




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