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Gradual Reopening of Schools Scheduled in Hungary

May 20, 2020

The out-of-class digital work schedule will remain in force in Hungarian schools until the end of the school year, that is, June 15, but kindergartens and nurseries will return to normal operation from the second half of May, according to the State Secretary for Education, Zoltán Maruzsa.

The State Secretary said that from June 2, teachers and students can meet at the school for educational purposes, hold small group consultations and individual preparations to reinforce the knowledge learned in the past months or to catch up with students who may be lagging behind. It is also allowed to perform pedagogical professional service tasks, the Hungarian news agency MTI reports.

He explained that from June 2, supervision of children should be organized in all schools. Participants in childcare can mainly organize catch-up and learning support activities between June 2 and 15, and between June 16 and 26, they can prepare for the next school year. Meals must also be provided for the children until June 26.

The State Secretary warned that mass events, graduations and year-end ceremonies cannot be organized, but gatherings are allowed in smaller groups, per class, and the handing over of certificates can also be organized in this way. Negotiations on summer camps are still ongoing, he said.

Zoltán Maruzsa also stated that the reduction in the spread of the coronavirus epidemic will enable the nurseries and kindergartens in rural areas to return to normal operation from May 25 and those in the capital from June 2. Institutions must accept children, which is necessary because in many cases, the parents have run out of leave and have to work, the State Secretary explained.


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