Gizella Bodnár aka Repülõs ('Airplane') Gizi | source: Youtube

Airplane Gizi strikes once again

February 20, 2016

Hungary's infamous burglar, Gizella Bodnár, widely nóknown to the Hungarian public as 'Airplane Gizi' has been caught again. the 89-year-old woman, who has had a criminal record since 1953, was spotted this time stealing from a family home SW of Budapest.

According to police, a theft was reported from Táncsics street in Sukoró, a village at Lake Velence, southwest of Budapest this Friday. Having arrived home, the owner of a house there found an elderly woman leaving the building. In the house, there were traces of search and money was missing from the owner's purse, as well.

Police detained the woman who turned out to be the infamous 'Airplane Gizi' received her nickname in the 1950s for utilizing the then existing domestic flights in Hungary for burglaries nationwide.  She would travel to different cities, break into houses and apartmenst there before flying home, avoiding suspicion, since police wouldn't suspect someone living that far away from the crime scene.

Gizella Bodnár was first arrested for a sneak-in theft for 1953 and has committed over two hundred crimes in the past decades. She was sentenced around twenty times. On the previous occasion, she was caught red-handed in an apartment in Hajdúszoboszló, eastern Hungary where she was detained but then released and was waiting for her sentence since.


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