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Anti-Roma remarks by journalist condemned

January 10, 2013

Hungarian journalist Zsolt Bayer's recent remarks concerning the Roma minority are unacceptable, Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the European Commission. Hungary’s Deputy Prime Minister, Tibor Navracsics also condemned the remarks.

The European Union has no room for racism, hate speech or any other forms of intolerance, Reding was quoted in the Austrian press as saying. In an article published last Saturday, Bayer commented on a recent stabbing involving Roma suspects, writing that "a significant number of Gypsies are unsuitable for co-existence ... they should not be tolerated or understood but punished."

Hungary’s Deputy Prime Minister, Tibor Navracsics also condemned Zsolt Bayer's article. He stated that in his opinion the piece makes fun of every democratic community principle that we believe in.

Navracsics added that nobody may be classified into one category or another based on their ethnic origin; everyone must be measured according to their individual performance and individual acts, and this has nothing to do with where they may otherwise belong with regard to their ethnicity, religion, denomination  or sex. He made it clear that anyone who believes that a group of people are animals has no place in the community.


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