British Ambassador Jonathan Knott (on the left) and Hungarian State Secretary Béla Glattfelder opening 'BurEUcratia' in Budapestt | Krisztina Alföldi

'BurEUcratia' in Budapest calls for cutting EU red tape

November 7, 2014

A symbolic imaginary city, 'BurEUcratia', was erected at Erzsébet square in downtown Budapest and opened by British Ambassador Jonathan Knott and State Secretary for Economic Regulation in the Hungarian Ministry for National Economy, Béla Glattfelder. The installation aims to raise awareness of the need to cut EU red tape that hinders business growth and competitiveness in all EU member states, particularly hitting hard on small and medium size enterprises.

“Millions of Euros worth of GDP is lost every year and thousands of new firms and jobs never get created in Europe due to problematic or poorly understood EU regulations. Companies often have to waste efforts they could otherwise spend on innovation and investment to struggle with complex regulatory burdens," the British ambassador pointed out in his opening speech.

The symbolic maze, 'BurEUcratia', depicts the damaging effects of EU over-regulation to SMEs and shows that reform is possible when stakeholders work together. The labyrinth opened on the first anniversary of the Business Taskforce report – “Cut EU red tape” – which was compiled by six British business leaders upon the request of UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

In his opening address Béla Glattfelder said that “with our economy largely dependent on SMEs and bilateral trade with other EU member states, Hungary supports the endeavours of the UK and the European Commission in cutting EU red tape and facilitating the smooth and successful participation of European SMEs, including the ones in Hungary, in the single market.”

'BurEUcratia' is open to the public for three days in order to raise awareness of six of the EU rules identified by the Business Taskforce as the most problematic areas of excessive regulation affecting European SMEs.


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