The CEPOL building in Budapest | Attila Kovács / MTI

CEPOL moves to Budapest

November 12, 2014

The European Police College (CEPOL), established in 2005, has been moved from Bramshill, UK to Budapest, therefore, it is the first EU institution to have its headquarters in the Hungarian capital that was selected following a lengthy consultation and application process.

The European Council adopted on June 5 this year an initiative of several member states for an amendment to the resolution that established the European Police College (CEPOL). The decision allowed CEPOL to move its seat from Bramshill, UK the Hungarian capital, following the information from the United Kingdom that it could no longer host CEPOL.

The European Police College is the first EU institution to have its headquarters in Budapest. In his address, Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér emphasized that the premises in the heart of Budapest will be available to CEPOL over the next ten years, as well as relevant funding for the headquarters that offers appropriate working conditions.

The Minister added that when in 2012, the United Kingdom stated that they were no longer able to host CEPOL, the Hungarian government decided to run for the position and following a lengthy consultation and application process, Budapest was selected.

CEPOL’s Hungarian Director, Ferenc Bánfi emphasized that crime in the 21st century can only be battled as part of a cross-border operation and law enforcement officers have to be well-prepared for that, adding that he regards the institution as the alma mater of the European law enforcement community and that the inauguration ceremony has a symbolic value, too. It symbolizes the need for an autonomous European law enforcement academy.

The director thanked the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union for supporting the move to Hungary. He also thanked the Hungarian government for providing high standard headquarters that complies with all EU regulations, the European Council for their help in the move and the United Kingdom for hosting the academy for years.

Director Bánfi added that CEPOL is facing further challenges and new possibilities in developing and supporting the training of law enforcement officers.

The European Police College (CEPOL) is a European Union Agency, established in 2005. CEPOL's mission is to bring together senior police officers from police forces in Europe -essentially to support the development of a network - and encourage cross-border cooperation in the fight against crime, public security and law and order by organizing training activities and research findings.


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