Protests in Donetsk in June 2014 | Andrew Butko

Foreign ministry statement on Ukraine conflict

August 29, 2014

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade follows with deep concern recent developments in Eastern Ukraine. One of the opposition parties calls for PM Viktor Orbán to take a stance by Ukraine's territorial integrity and independence.

As the statement says, "we are closely monitoring and evaluating the situation on the ground, and we are in contact with our EU and NATO allies. A confirmed incursion of Russian regular military units on Ukrainian territory would gravely escalate the crisis.

In line with our consistently expressed earlier position, we emphasise that only a political process can lend a sustainable solution to the present crisis and therefore we support all diplomatic efforts to this end. The upcoming extraordinary European Council meeting and the informal meeting of the EU foreign ministers offer good opportunities for harmonising the European position on this matter."

In the meantime, the opposition party Együtt (Together)-PM gas called on PM Viktor Orbán to take a stance vy Ukraine's territorial integrity and independence and suspend preparations for the enlargment of the Paks nuclear power station - to be done by Russian s from Russian loan after a deal preceded by no tender - until Russian troops are in Ukraine.


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