Hungarian physicist Zoltán Szabó | source: GE

Hungarian physicist wins GE’s global challenge

September 12, 2016

29 year old Hungarian physicist Zoltán Szabó has won GE’s unique global contest, “GEeks go for gold”, de-coding the conversations of some of the smartest GE machines. It took him two weeks to crack the code and win the USD 10,000 prize.

According to GEreports, “challenged by us, more than 1,000 information technology professionals, software engineers, data scientists as well as professional and amateur programmers from 25 countries entered the challenge via Twitter and used their computing and de-coding knowledge to proceed through the challenge stages.”

According to GE, “the ‘Internet of things’ – that is, the more integrated network of machines, people and data – will change our lives much more fundamentally and will create twice as much value as the civil internet. It is therefore important for us to start a conversation with the world’s brightest, talented software engineers and data scientists who can be identified for the future to design, develop and operate digital systems and digitalize industrial products which our company manufactures.”

Szabó said “this was the right challenge for me. I did not think twice to enter as I became passionate about cryptography over the past year.” The young physician of the Institute of Technical Physics and Material Science in Budapest is a cryptography, cypher and modern information technology algorithm de-coding fan who entered the GE challenge as a passion to refresh his mind while preparing his PhD study.


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