Hungarian President János Áder and sign language interpreter Fanni Weisz | Tamás Kovács /MTI

Hungarian President delivers New Year speech

January 1, 2018

Whatever we believe in, whatever goals are driving our lives, we still wish success and happiness to one another again and again. Keep the charm of this moment all year long, Hungarian President János Áder said in his New Year speech.

The President asked several questions in his speech:

Can we turn to our fellow human beings with the confidence with which we ask for them the best at the end of the new year at the beginning of the new year? And the resolutions we make so many times on this occasion: do we abandon our bad habits, do we preserve the enthusiasm with which we are setting old-new goals to ourselves? Do we turn to our friends, colleagues, neighbors with respect and honor?

Although, we are all different, he said, those who sing the Hungarian anthem right after midnight are connected by the lines of the author of the anthem, Ferenc Kölcsey, with which we all ask for joy, abundance and merry year to ourselves, each other, to our country.


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