MegaLux and its team in Australia | College of Kecskemét

Hungarians do well in World Solar Challenge

October 22, 2015

'MegaLux', a solar-powered car developed at the College of Kecskemét in east-central Hungary, finished 7th among 30 teams in the Challenge category of the World Solar Challenge competition, completing 3,022 kilometers across the Australian desert from Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south.

The 14-member team from Kecskemét is the first one from Hungary to have successfully accomplished the World Solar Challenge competition.

The Hungarian college students say MegaLux is a very special solar car, because of its smart electrical solutions, high tech carbon fibre technology, low-resistance components and extremely all around detailed design. It is 160 kilograms only and is capable of a maximum sped of 130 kms/hour.


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