Garry Kasparov with two Polgár sisters (Zsófia on the left and Judit on the left) at the Budapest chess festival | Imre Földi / MTI

Kasparov attends Budapest Chess Festival

September 30, 2013

The 7th annual Aquaprofit Polgár Chess Festival took place in the Palace of Arts Budapest on the last Sunday of September. The guest of honor this year was former Russian world champion Garry Kasparov who accompanied the three famous Hungarian Polgár sisters, Judit, Zsófia and Zsuzsa.

This year, the Chess Festival – which comes up with new surprises year by year – introduced chess in the context of the arts, and the many connections between them in a truly family environment with chess(-related) programs – including chess games, of course – organized for kids and grown-ups alike.

At a press conference held at the Festival, Garry Kasparov he has not missed the game since his retirement in 2005 but he still follows what is going on in the world of chess. “One should look ahead, searching for new challenges, new excitements. My goal now is to raise chess to a level that it would mean a lot to generations to come, therefore, I wish to apply for the post of president of the [international chess federation] FIDE at the next elections,” he announced.

The Festival also hosted a commemoration of a great Hungarian achievement in this sport 25 years ago. It was then that the Hungarian women’s national team – breaking the hegemony of the Soviet Union - won the Chess Olympiad in Saloniki, Greece with the three Polgár sisters as well as Ildikó Mádl on the team.


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