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Nelson Mandela dies - Hungarian condolences

December 6, 2013

Current Hungarian President János Áder and the first President of the Republic of Hungary, Árpád Göncz, have sent a telegrams of condolences for the death of former South African President Nelson Mandela. Two Hungarian parties also recalled the merits of the politician.

János Áder expressed his condolences to the South African President Jacob Zuma for the death of the former South African president. The Hungarian head of state expressed sympathy on behalf of all of Hungary to his African counterpart and the family of Nelson Mandela.  According to the Hungarian President, Nelson Mandela remains a symbol of freedom throughout the world even after his death.

The first President of the Republic of Hungary, Árpád Göncz, also sent a telegram of condolence. The head of his secretariat, András Gulyás issued a communiqué, which reminds that Nelson Mandela was the first South African president who paid an official visit to Hungary. It was in 1998 at the invitation of the then Hungarian president Árpád Göncz.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán also sent his condolences, stressing that the name of Nelson Mandela will remain the symbol of freedom all overt he world.

The Hungarian Socialist Party’s communiqué points out that Mandela fought against discrimination and for a free society and full democracy. The Democratic Coalition stresses that Nelson Mandela had become the legend of political fight for democracy, freedom, equality and justice.

Nelson Mandela, who was the vanguard of the fight against apartheid and who was the first black South African president, died on Thursday night at the age of 95. On Friday, Nelson Mandela was praised by political leaders and well-known personalities around the world.


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