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Plastic cup free May campaign

May 4, 2018

Four catering places in Budapest will break with the tradition of plastic cups and start offering beer in biodegradable, plant-based cups. With the spreading of environment-friendly Polylactic Acid (PLA) cups, the carbon footprint of companies like HEINEKEN Hungária may be reduced.

A statement by HEINEKEN Hungária points out that the use of PLA cups may also reduce the amount of waste priduced in the catering industry. In order to spread the use of the biodegradable cups, it is necessary to convince consumers and - through them - the catering places.

34% of beer drinkers worldwide claim that their product selection is influenced by environmental considerations. HEINEKEN Hungária is the first company to launch a campaign among large companies in Hungary to win over more and more consumers not only to see what we are drinking, but also to what from.

This May, for example, from fully decomposable compostable beer cups in the case of for HEINEKEN Hungária's beers. The campaign was created for the unconcealed purpose of making consumers and entertainers happy about sustainable operation and new eco-friendly cups. According to a survey conducted by HEINEKEN in 18 countries, an average of 66% of consumers are willing to pay more for products made with sustainable technology.


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