The widow of Ferenc Puskás and Real Madrid Presdient Florentino Pérez at the inauguration of the Puskás bust in Madrid | József Takács

Puskás weeks in Madrid

October 29, 2013

The unveiling of the bust of legendary Hungarian football player Ferenc Puskás by Florentino Pérez, the President of Spanish football giant Real Madrid in the presence of Puskás’s widow, Erzsébet, launched a series of commemorative events celebrating the life and impact of Puskás, probably the best known Hungarian in the world.

At the ceremony in Valdedeblas (‘Real Madrid City’), the President pointed out that “for the fans fortunate enough to see him in action and to celebrate his goals, Puskás was quite a sight as a player. I’m sure that there weren’t many people who imagined that this footballer, who arrived at Real Madrid at over thirty years of age and not having played in the highest of competitions, would become one of the most beloved amongst all those who feel passion for our badge. His stature and his deeds are at the very heart of our supporters. From today, he is with us here at our Real Madrid training centre. Puskás will always be with us and this is but a simple demonstration of our love and gratitude.”

The talent of Puskás, who joined Real Madrid in 1958, helped Real Madrid to become the world’s most successful soccer club to date. The legendary Hungarian striker was instrumental in the Spanish club winning the European Champions Cup three times, the domestic league (‘La Liga’) five times, as well as a Spansh Cup and an Intercontinental Cup title. He was ‘Pichichi’ (top scorer of the Spanish league) four times and the International Federation of Football History proclaimed him the highest scorer of the 20th century.

“511 goals in 533 matches: dream numbers for a footballer of dreams. His greatness has been recognized by soccer’s international governing body FIFA, who since 2009 has offered the “Puskás Award” for the player who has scored the best goal of the year,” Pérez added. He recalled that “Puskás formed part of the legendary Hungarian team that dazzled world football. In 1953, he was considered the best player in Europe. His life was not easy and the difficult political circumstances led him away from his country. His arrival at Real Madrid was a challenge, but he fulfilled his dream. He earned the respect, admiration and the affection of everyone. He demonstrated his passion for Real Madrid until the final days of his life.”


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