The 2014 GranPrize | Source: Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary

Swedish Chamber announces Gran Prize winner

October 31, 2014

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (SCCH) honours those working on outstanding solutions to the most urgent and crucial challenges facing the planet today, in the field of environmental protection, sustainable development. The 2014 winner of the Gran Prize has been announced.

'Gran' in Swedish language means Pine, referring to the sustainable and environment-conscious aspects of the prize. The  Gran Prize is open to everyone, in compliance with the Swedish consensus-based thinking and intention of Swedish-Hungarian co-operation.

It was presented at the GRAN PRIZE Award Ceremony, the GRAN GALA, dedicated to the memory of Carl von Linné, a Swedish naturalist, one of the most appreciated scientists in Europe.

The 2014 winner is Márton András Juhász for his Omnipolar and Gyroset application (at Now Technolgies Co. Ltd.) for a piece of equipment that will improve the quality of life  for spinal cord injured people, their families and friends.

The Board of Judges were admired and impressed by GYROSET that enables many tetraplegic users to live a much more independent, fuller life. "It is impressive how GYROSET headset measures the position of the users head, enabling tetraplegic individuals to control their wheelchairs with head movements in an intuitive manner, providing freedom and ease of usage. It is also very impressive that GYROSET /OMNIPOLAR has integrated services like wireless environment control, speech synthesis, gesture recognition and voice based web browsing."

It possesses remote management of the wheelchair functions from a smartphone.


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