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The First Hungaricum Ball

December 11, 2013

Certificates recognizing the nation's Hungaricums were awarded for the first time at the Hungarian Ball held in the Operetta Theater in Budapest in December 2013. "The Hungaricum Ball is a celebration of the national treasures of the Hungarian people", Minister for Rural Development and Chairman of the Hungaricum Committee Sándor Fazekas said.

The latest of the most outstanding Hungarian treasures to have been included on the current list of 14 Hungaricums include Gyulai sausage, soda water, the Hungarian operetta, the Kassai horseback archery method and the life work of legendary footballer Ferenc Puskás.

As the chairman explained, the life-work of Puskás is considered important because the sportsman is recognized all over the world, and his achievements are identified with Hungary. Lajos Kassai is an outstanding personality in cherishing Hungarian traditions. He strives to revive traditional archery that plays an important role in Hungarian identity and the Hungarian way of thinking.

The Gyula sausage represents traditional Hungarian flavors and the way of preparing it is also Hungaricum. Another new addition is the soda water, a Hungarian invention well known beyond Hungary’s borders. The Committee also considers Hungarian operetta as part of the Hungarian identity, something that represents Hungary around the world.

The Committee also decided to introduce five new items to the Hungary Depository: the life-work of vine-breeder János Mathiász, Herz and Pick salamis, Zsolnay porcelain and ceramics, as well as the indigenous Hungarian grape variety ‘Badacsony Blue Stem’.


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