TI activists move pebbles - symbolizing corruption-related issues - from dirty to clean water | Dávid Harangozó

Youth should be educated against corruption

December 10, 2013

Young people consider important honesty, but they do not always think it pays off. This is why there is a need to educate ethics to them. This was pointed out at the "Átláccó" festival held by Transparency International Hungary the International Anti-Corruption Day.

In many cases, TI stresses, children are the biggest casualties of corruption: they may miss out on services they are entitled to due to corruption encompassing adults world-wide, and what is even more problematic, they learn bad patterns and learn that it is the way the world works.

At the TI Integrity conference of Youth and Integrity, Transparency International presented the handbook ‘Students against anti-corruption’ that the anti-corruption organization prepared for secondary school teachers.


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