Low turnout at the EP elections in Hungary

Less than 29% of the electorate voted at the European Parliamentary elections in Hungary this Sunday. 12 of the 21 Hungarian seats were won by the governing Fidesz, with Jobbik, the Socialists, the Democratic coalition, the Together PM and LMP also passing the 5% threshold.

The results in Hungary somewhat resembled those of the recent (April 6) national assembly elections but - due to the different rules - the seats won were more evenly distributed. This time, eight parties were running for the 21 seats allocated for Hungary.

51.5% of the votes won 12 seats for Fidesz, parties of the democratic opposition that ran together at the national elections were given 27.9% (2 seats for the Socialists, 2 for the Democratic Coalition and 1 for the 'together-PM'), the extreme-right Jobbik's 14.7% share of the votes were rewarded with seats, while the green LMP - just like at the national elections - just passed the 5% threshold and won 1 seat.


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