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Managing Change

Sándor Laczkó
September 24, 2019

“The only constant is change, and it is inevitable, as the old adage goes,” says Dr. Sándor Erdei, a seasoned venture capital and foreign direct investment professional, who is the founder and Chief Executive of Dutch-Hungarian financial services provider DBH Group.

The transformational power of digital technologies is uprooting the way people live, work, and communicate. As more and more firms seek to expand their global footprint, new developments in technology, trends, and business models are redefining professional services and investments. DBH Group is a central player in providing key support to international companies active in Hungary and the CEE region as they tackle the challenges of the 21st century, Erdei says. DBH is active in the field of corporate business services, serviced offices and venture capital with a focus on sustainability in all areas.
“Over the last decade, the corporate services industry in the Central and Eastern European region has enjoyed rapid growth. Demand for corporate services will increase further as more investors enter these markets. We offer a comprehensive professional services package to start-ups, SMEs, but also global players in need of deeply-rooted and instantly available local expertise. The close integration of all services allows us to generate much-needed synergies, thereby helping our clients to progress to the next stage of their corporate growth journey,” he points out.

Boutique corporate services provider
DBH Group is one of the boutique corporate services providers in Hungary and in the greater CEE region. Tight labor markets render the hiring of highly skilled and experienced accountants who can handle complicated IFRS and local GAAP requirements more challenging than ever. Finding a bi- or multilingual accounting expert who can ensure that critical information does not get ‘lost in translation’ is an even taller order.
Shared services help companies of any size to boost their efficiency and slash costs. While the objective of serving clients with cost-effective, high-quality processes will remain in place going forward, the way corporate services providers operate is also undergoing fundamental change. Organizations seek to move up the value chain by improving and adapting new operating models for better results. Disruptive forces such as artificial intelligence, automation, and cloud services are playing a key role in (re-)shaping the corporate services industry, Erdei says.

Fully integrated service package
“Our finance and accounting teams are in the vanguard of digitalization and have implemented streamlined electronic workflows. Our seasoned experts are fluent in English, and in many cases in German and other global business languages. DBH’s corporate services offer a fully integrated service package also including premium serviced offices in key locations across the CEE region, as well as project management services for a worry-free expansion into Central and Eastern Europe,” the CEO highlights.
Digital disruption is becoming the ‘new normal’. As customer expectations shift rapidly in response to new digital technologies, project managers will need to work hard to stay ahead of the curve, according to Erdei. “DBH Group’s strengths in the field of project management allow us to support clients with an objective, professional approach in managing the many risks associated with complex projects and programs. In addition, we offer expertise to smooth our clients’ market entry that respectively increased market penetration in Hungary and other CEE markets.”

Premium serviced offices
The office market in Budapest is characterized by record-low vacancy rates and high demand coupled with limited space available. DBH has been an active player in the office market since 2007, specializing in premium serviced offices in the Hungarian capital. DBH’s latest development is the opening of an A+ class serviced office in early 2020.
The office space is located in the heart of the much sought-after BudaPart project, which is a mixed-use riverside development in the popular recreation and entertainment hub known as the Kopaszi Dam in southern Buda. The new serviced office is LEED and BREEAM accredited to meet rapidly growing demand for the highest sustainability standards. Clients will benefit from DBH’s experience spanning several decades in the co-working/serviced office markets across the CEE region, the CEO stresses.

Venture capital investments
Boasting abundant talent, highly motivated workers, and higher growth rates than the rest of Europe, the CEE region is a magnet for venture capital investors. “As a member of the Group, DBH Investment has identified numerous highly attractive investment opportunities for VC investors in currently underserved market segments in the CEE region. We are closing a new VC fund to help international institutional investors to benefit from lucrative sustainable investment opportunities in the CEE region. Our new VC fund is focusing on backing
innovative companies that will radically improve sustainability in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, while contributing to the global fight against climate change with cutting-edge technologies,” Erdei says.

Living a full life
Besides managing DBH that he set up 25 years ago, Dr. Sándor Erdei is also active in other areas. He is a member of the advisory board of his alma mater, the Maastricht School of Management. After serving as a board member at the Hungarian Venture Capital Association and a committee chairman at the American Chamber of Commerce in Budapest, Erdei has been the vice chairman of the Hungarian Association for Innovation since spring this year. Some may say that all these tasks could be more than enough for a single person, but Sándor Erdei believes that one cannot live a full life by being successful in just one field. That ‘other’ – better say the primary – field for him is family life. He is the proud father of five children aged between 4 and 11. “It gives me more satisfaction than any business achievement if I can ‘serve life’ by raising and educating my five children with devotion,” he says.

Sándor Laczkó

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